About APS

Artist Statement:

When it comes to art, I find it’s a world of endless possibilities. The journey never ends and you never know where it will take you next. Since I was a child, I’ve loved exploring art’s many facets. I get excited about each new idea for a piece of artwork or trying different types of techniques and medium. On each new day of my journey through the art world, I learn new things and look forward to the art of the present and future days to come.

I believe art to be fun, beautiful, colorful, and powerful. It evokes emotion when you see it. And when it comes to my artwork, it is my life’s goal to make pieces that will move the viewer to feel their own unique set of feelings; whether it be a simple smile of enjoyment to feeling something deep inside of them that speaks to their soul. Art is whatever you want it to be. Let it take you on a journey.