2012 Review and 2013 Preview

2012 Review and 2013 Preview

2012 was a productive year for me. With nothing published in 2011, I had to make sure to get back on track in 2012 with a new story for you fine readers out there. And with the beginning of 2013, I am planning to have an even bigger year for stories.

So what happened in 2012? It began with me writing OF THIEVES AND ELVES. I started writing it back in September or October 2011 and finished my draft in March 2012. After editing and proof reading and more editing, it was published in April. And I want to thank you to all of you who donated to my Kickstarter that made this book possible. Every bit of the production was covered by your support and donations. Was edited, formatted, and all artwork provided by your faith in me.

OF THIEVES AND ELVES was released as an ebook and a hardcover in April 2012. It has since been one of the more popular of my books and has gone on to be named a Finalist for the 2013 Epic Ebook Awards (Fantasy genre).

This book is also marked as the first ever “Supernovella”. A supernovella? What is that? It is a term I coined. I knew this book was only going to be a 60-80,000 word book. Too long to be called a novella. But too short, for me, to call it a novel. So I decided to come up with something new to call it. Anything I write that is between 45-80,000 words will be called a Supernovella. I think novels begin at 80. But that’s another story.

In May, I wanted to do an Add-on story for OTAE. The purpose was to give readers more insight to the world surrounding OF THIEVES AND ELVES, and these stories would be anywhere between 5,000 and 20,000 words. The first Add-on is called STEEL AND SNARE and is on the higher side of the word count range for my Add-ons. It was released in late August.

Also in August, I decided to look into producing an audiobook for OF THIEVES AND ELVES. I have heard of ACX and decided to give it a try. After listening to a few narrators on their site, I contacted Michael Roger Lane. We came together and started the process of getting the audio together. And after a couple of months, it was all said and done. OTAE came to be an 8 hour and 22 minute length audiobook. In December, it was released on Audible, iTunes, and Amazon.

So you can say 2012 was the Year of the Supernovella for me. A book, an Add-on, and an audiobook. In total, I published around 100,000 words (80k OTAE, 20k Add-on).

And what will 2013 hold for me and the world of Londor? I have an even greater ambition in mind. I just hope I can get it all in 12 months. I will do what I can to make it happen.



THE STOLEN MOON OF LONDOR is the first book in THE WHITE SHADOW SAGA series. Yes, it was first released in 2009. So why go back?

I think I have grown as a writer and publisher since then. I know more about how to work with an editor, how to format it, etc. The first book was chopped down to be under 100,000 words. This was back when I was trying to get an agent and a traditional publisher. But since going indie, I have decided not to hold myself down by word counts. So this is why I am going back into TSMoL and expanding it greatly.

I am adding brand new chapters to the story. There were areas that were skipped over and can be filled in nicely with all new chapters. This will give characters more development and the reader more to learn and love about them and their world. There will be a combination of some slower chapters for depth and some all new chapters that will back a punch with some new action. I would say where some of the new chapters are going, but that might spoil the story otherwise.

TSMoL was originally around 96,000 words. TSMoL RAE (Revised and Extended) is aimed to be around 140,000 words or so. Might run longer, knowing me.

Once the draft is complete, it will be off to the editor for polish and tightening. And you can expect a new book cover for it.

I debated on if I should change things in SHAMELESS WONDERS, Book 2 of THE WHITE SHADOW SAGA. But I think it will be fine as is. The only thing I will change about this book will be the book cover. I want to change the art slightly and the wording on the cover will need to be changed to reflect the word style of TSMoL RAE.

THE STOLEN MOON OF LONDOR REVISED AND EXTENDED is scheduled for a Summer 2013 release.

Then it is off to the anticipated release of…..


I have a few of the chapters already written for this book. Many of you have asked me where it is. And I am here to tell you I am working on it. This is the final book in the series that started it all for me and I want to make sure it is the best it can be. It will be a heavy book with the word count, filled with action, revelations, loss, gain, and much more. If you think the ending of SHAMELESS WONDERS was a twist, you haven’t seen anything yet.

I keep calling it Book 3. I really do not like to release the name of the book until it is complete. Yes, I give a book its name when I first start writing it, but I have never been one to speak its name aloud until the end. While it won’t be done for a few more months, I will tell you the name before I finish it…..so stay tuned for that.

BOOK 3 is scheduled for a Winter 2013 release.

You can also look forward to having the entire Saga as an audiobook at the end of this year or the beginning of 2014.

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