Okay, so you’ve read OF THIEVES AND ELVES. Are you wondering what’s next? I give to you STEEL AND SNARE: An Add-on for Of Thieves and Elves (click on name for link).

STEEL AND SNARE is a 20,000 word addition to the story. OF THIEVES AND ELVES told a complete and rounded story, but there are items that can be added to further enrich the tale, the world, and the people within. STEEL AND SNARE is the first release of the planned Add-ons. You can never go wrong with more story and this first addition will be sure to please with its hard-hitting action, the introduction of familiar characters, and also the new ones.

STEEL AND SNARE is available for your Kindle for $2.99. If you enjoyed OF THIEVES AND ELVES, I encourage you to give it a read as well. You will be glad you did.

And if you haven’t already, also check out my first series, THE WHITE SHADOW SAGA, also available on Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords, etc.

Thank you for your readership. Stay tuned to my site and my Facebook (link) for more updates, news, and future stories. Next year will be even bigger for the world of Londor. I assure you.